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Bull - :Bounce: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Connie Kass-Oppenheim

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Bull [Aug. 16th, 2004|12:35 pm]
Connie Kass-Oppenheim
[mood |depressedSuicidal]

Vampiredarkblood: I LOVE YOU CONNIE!! dont ever forget that baby girl!!!!

Mrbusy0129: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!:-*

i just wanted to say i love u!!!!!! hehe !
Much Love!!
IM WRITTING TO GET MY MIND out of here , Hehe I LOVE U!!!!!!
Much Love bobi

BrokenPromise: I LOVE YOU CONNIE

Dyingstarsfall: You're the best room-mate and I Love You

Angel: Okay I Love You Bye. [on the phone all the time]

Forgotten Agony: I will always Love you.

. . .I Love You Too,
But I'm Sorry For What I Must Do.

I'm I Pain And I'll Die Peace-fully.

THEY'LL NEVER GET ME BACK NEVER! I will Kill someone if I have to so I can prevent Ellis.
GOD I work there! And I Don't Live There.

Will This Bipolar Roller Coster ever end.

Up Down Up Down.

I have a new saying, "I hate Being in this state of mind again,
I cannot explore what's in reach.
But I Never have to worry about crash landing . . .
Because I never even took off."