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Connie Kass-Oppenheim

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Sorry [Aug. 23rd, 2004|11:03 pm]
Connie Kass-Oppenheim
[mood |depressedI'm Gone]
[music |PUBLIC: So you all can read.]

I'm sorry It's Come to this.
I'm Sorry I didn't Get Better.
I'm Sorry you Lied To Me.
I'm Sorry You Weren't there for me.
I'm Sorry I Feel This Way.
I'm Sorry I Cut Myself.
I'm Sorry that you couldn't hear my silent crys for help.
I'm Sorry I Refused Hospitalizations Because of fear of losing you.
I'm Sorry You Were Never there for me.
I'm Sorry I Upset you. [I don't give a fuck]
I'm Sorry . . .It's All My Fault.
I'm Sorry there's nothing left for me in this world.
I'm Sorry I Chose Death Over Life.
I'm SOrry I Wasn't Good Enough for you.
I'm Sorry I Couldn't tell you Because I was 2 busy being Sorry for you not listening.
I'm sorry for letting you down
I'm sorry for being a horrible friend/family member.
I'm Sorry I Overdosed.

I'm Sorry, for when you read this I'll Already be dead.

In Honor Of You And To Everyone I Love. . . .
I'm Sorry For NOT GIVING A FUCK. heh I'm not even sorry at all.
This is my happy ending. It's all that's left.

Fuck You You FUCKING LOSERS. See you in Hell.