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Connie Kass-Oppenheim

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- [Aug. 26th, 2004|10:06 pm]
Connie Kass-Oppenheim
[mood |bouncySURPRISE!! Whooo!]
[music |Yeeee Hey I'm :D aren't I?? Can't complain. ;)]

Sorry about my last entry I lied.

--I cannot wait, friday seems to come slower and slower. Tomarrow is MY time to shine. I get to surprise everyone close to me!! Some won't even believe, some won't wanna believe!! And the best part!! noo one knows. isn't that fantastic.
The "keeping this secret" fourtuneatly found in my fortune cookie!!
"Keep your plans sercret for now" <- some fortune huh?!!
21 beautifly assorted . . . Don't wanna ruin the fucking surprise.
Tomarrow all my dreams will be fufilled! And I'm not gonna hold back this time.

I'm so excited that i'm getting quite nervous!

Since i care about no one there's nothing more to say right??
Yes- I am correct.

Now i need a song that will inspire the event! Maybe Waste by staind? or fallen by sara McBlah-Blah. Anyway. if i sleep the time will come faster.

Oh Bad news: All of this may be postpone to saturday But i do promise this SURPRISE will happen soon, promise.

I wonder what the outcome will be. Oh well ANOTHER SURPRISE!

Haha you don't even know whats comming >.< ::laughs::